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Quick and Safe Access With Preciate Pass.

The fastest, most innovative way to validate and enable quick entry of vaccinated individuals.


The only way to fill a stadium Quickly and Safely during COVID-19

There are many types of vaccination certificates. What they all have in common is that they require facial verification of the certification holder identification. Preciate Pass does just that. It allows automatic facial recognition of vaccinated guests and saves time and waiting in lines. It only requires a short registration by the guests, (uploading vaccination certificate, photo ID, and a selfie) that’s it!


The leading
Pay-by-Face solution

The service allows registered users to pay in brick-and-mortar locations using face recognition, without having to carry their wallet or cell phone

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When it comes to personalization, brick and mortar locations are way behind online shops.

Our proprietary facial recognition system is designed specifically for retail and hospitality. Consumers opt-in and enroll with a simple selfie photo.


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