Innovative technology

Our proprietary facial recognition system was designed and built by Israel’s top cyber security experts.

99.8% accuracy, 
No human errors

All calculation is done in the cloud, no expensive hardware is needed on-site

Prevention of fraudulent entrance using a picture instead of a real person

Fraud Detecton

Advance fraud detection of forged documents

It takes less than a second to verify each person

Safe, Private & Secured

In order to comply with the strictest privacy policy, the system does not keep any personal information. Immediately after registration, all personal information is deleted and only a mathematical vector is kept.


The user’s privacy is fully kept. We don’t know who you are or where you’re at. We can only verify that you have a valid COVID-19 vaccine

The user’s information is completely safe. It is all deleted immediately upon registration, all we keep is a vector that represents the user’s face